The album is expected for months. Johnny Hallyday announced in October 2016 at the microphone of the radio station RTL. He began to save less than a year later, when he was suffering from lung cancer. After the death of the singer in December 2017, fans have believed that he would never see the light of day. Laura Smet et David Hallyday have claimed to justice a right of scrutiny on the album, delaying its release. The cover of My country, it is the love has finally been revealed that the public in September. Release Date: October 19, 2018, the day of the saint Laura.

” Follow live the release of the album posthume de Johnny Hallyday

Features galore

devices galore have been put in place throughout France for the release of My country, it is the love . The Fnac Champs-Elysées will open its doors at midnight for the fans, which will be hosted at “a special evening”.

The platforms streaming the will from 00: 01. If the numbers are good, the album will go platinum in a minute only

Su r the forecourt of the gare Saint-Lazare , the platform for listening to Deezer will propose in association with Warner Music to a listening device free disk. From 00: 01 on, the circular structure composed of 200 son listening will allow fans to hear the final song performed by Johnny “for free without any limits, individual and simultaneous”. The device will be installed until Sunday. RTL has partnered with the house of discs and the cinema CGR to win to 400 auditors of the places in several rooms, including those of La Rochelle, and Porte des Lilas. “This Thursday, October 18, 400 lucky ones will listen to first-hand during a single session to 22 hours the entire new album,” explains Antoine Gouiffes-Yan, marketing director of RGCS, which was working before in Warner Music, the record label of Johnny. The chain BFMTV will offer a special broadcast from 23: 30 to an hour in the morning.

“We received many calls since this morning to ask us to put a CD side -”

boutique Cultura de Claye-Souilly

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In the suburbs too, the event is not taken lightly. The boutique Cultura de Claye-Souilly, , Seine-et-Marne, is hosting a special evening as soon as 22 hours. “The double voice of Johnny Hallyday, Mike Leone, will give a unique concert until midnight and the sale official disc, explained to the Figaro one of the leaders of the shop. We await the imminent arrival of a Harley Davidson and there are plans to decorate the whole shop is a tribute to the Taulier.” A few bikers should also be part of it. It is hoped that 700 copies of the disc My country, it is the love , will flow easily. “We received many calls since this morning to ask us to put a CD aside”, he adds.

Prior to the release of the album, and for the past several weeks, the popularity of media has not declined. Laeticia Hallyday was back on French soil and be responsible for the promotion of the disc. The album, produced by Warner, the subject of a marketing strategy is infallible. My country, it is the love , and his eleven songs praising love and life, is being sold 800,000 copies. 120,000 have already been pre-ordered in stores and online. The platforms streaming the will from 00: 01. If the numbers are good, the album will go platinum in just one minute. My country, it is the love will he be able to beat the record of the album Blood for blood in 1999 Johnny, that sold 250.000 copies on the first day? Response in a few hours.

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