Aged 40 to 60? Then unless you’re one of the minority, you could be part of a growing health crisis facing middle aged people. Health experts in England say middle aged people are leading unhealthy lifestyles which are taking their toll.

Public Health England says that desk jobs, eating junk food and the daily grind are leading to health issues for those aged 40 to 60. New research has revealed that eight in 10 in that age group is overweight, drinks too much alcohol or does not get enough exercise.

Public Health England has issued the statistics as a wake up call, saying it wants those people to make 2017 the year they get fitter and healthier, with a pledge to look after themselves better.

Sandwich generation

Health experts say that the “sandwich generation” of people who are caring for both children and their elderly parents do not make enough time to ensure they are looking after themselves as well.

Public Health England officials say even though we are now living longer than ever before, we are in poorer health as we are storing up problems for ourselves as we get older, by failing to live healthy lifestyles now.

Clinical advisor Professor Muir Gray said that modern life is much different now than it was three decades ago, with people being much more inactive due to driving to work and then sitting down all day. However, he said that by taking action in middle age, people could help prevent their risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, as well as their chances of developing dementia or disability.

Prof Gray warned that because more and more people were overweight or obese, many did not recognise what a healthy weight looked like anymore. However, he added that making small changes towards a healthier lifestyle could mean long-term benefits.


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