On 5 December last year, France lost its idol. Laeticia Hallyday, her, lost her husband. Since then, the widow has disappeared from the media landscape, fleeing microphone and camera like the plague. Then, when the ultimate companion Johnny decides to speak, each of his statements is teased thoroughly by the journalists as well as fans. After a stint on TF1 last night, the widow of Johnny came to present My country it is the love , the 51st album in the rocker on the board of Marc-Olivier Fogiel on RTL.

Guest at Key not at my post yesterday evening, the latter had promised a “very beautiful time” radio. “Laeticia has not avoided any subject, she talks of the 5 December, the moment when Johnny dies, she tells the story of this amazing day. Everyone in the studio had chills, she opened her heart,” he added. “I’ll try to be the most sincere and the most true possible”, has promised the widow of Johnny to the facilitator at the beginning of the interview.

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But, at the end of this interview of 1: 30, it is a Laeticia Hallyday at the speech extremely smooth and prepared, which is presented in front of Marc-Olivier Fogiel. The trembling voice, the last girlfriend of Johnny followed three guidelines, citing his “mourning”, the “resilience” of Johnny and his daughters Jade and Joy and the “love” that she wants to “continue to live in the hearts of men”. Three words that she had stops pounding throughout the interview, using the same language elements to express its pain, to the image of his appearance in front of Anne-Claire Coudray on TF1 on Friday night.

Grief, resilience and love

“I’m not coming to France to do the promotion, but to carry this album,” announced the widow of Marc-Olivier Fogiel. For her, My country it is the love is a disc that “stirs the heart and the soul”. Johnny “says it all” through these eleven songs, and “speaks of his fears, his vulnerabilities, his anxieties, but above all love,” says Laeticia Hallyday. “I still have a lot of trouble to listen to him, she entrusted. It is so lively. It brings me back to the sad reality of life without him.”

“I still have a lot of trouble to listen to the album. It is so lively. It brings me back to the sad reality of life without him”

Leticia Hallyday for Marc-Olivier Fogiel

The widow is back on the last months of Johnny, since the diagnosis of lung cancer in the rocker in the fall of 2016. “I thought we would surpass this ordeal, she said. We had already overcome two cancers.”

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At the time of the announcement of the disease, her “world fell apart”, she “had a knee”… Laeticia Hallyday has multiplied the elements of language to express its “sorrow” in this “war”, this “battle” and “combat”. One might almost believe that this appetite for the lexical field of confrontation, to discuss the cancer, Johnny has to aim to outshine another battle: the one for the legacy of Johnny, who opposes David and Laura Smet since the month of February.

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“This story would have had to stay in the family”, she lamented. If it is thought to have been “humbled” and “beaten”, Laeticia Hallyday, however, seems ready to reconcile with the elders of the rocker. In façade, at least. It’s Impossible not to detect a certain bitterness among Laeticia when she claims to have “stretched the arms a lot of times” to an inconclusive result.

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The controversy, “it is not that the essential”, she finished explaining. “I have a visceral need to put the music and the love forward,” she said to Marc-Olivier Fogiel, referring to the project of creating a museum and a school of music in tribute to her husband. “For now, I am in the present moment, and I’m trying to rebuild myself. I’m going to continue to live the art of Johnny. This is the mission that he has given to me. Today, it is more alive than ever.”

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