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Believed, the world would be a horror novel, then the sky was changing colors on Bergisch Gladbach now blood red. The Purr of the lawn mower would be the lament of the undead, and the smell of coffee and cake in Germany is merely a deceit of Satan to lure the people in his Kingdom, where to disappear never to be seen again.

If the world would be so, as the author of the Jason Dark describes you, you’re probably not healing him.

You’d be lucky if Jason Darks Hero of interventions: John Sinclair, Ghost-hunter, a chief inspector of Scotland Yard. Pulls out his Beretta and loads you with consecrated silver bullets. Gets out of his Bentley and bared the cross of the Archangel on his neck, and even the darkest devil crumbles to dust, and it was at the end of the light. Sinclair, for 40 years in the demons service. And with that, his Creator. Each week, a Bulletin, always 64 pages, at the Kiosk next to the crossword puzzles.

Jason Dark Helmut Reller Gerd is actually. He has no cell phone and no E-Mail address. On the phone reported a few days earlier, a powerful, dark voice. You could visit him, of course, but please only in the afternoon because he had free. As Reller Gerd now opens, he says: “Oh, it’s you.” A tall, slightly bowed man in the cardigan is progressing into the living room. Reller Gerd is 73, his steps shuffling. The Prince of darkness, so called by many of his Fans. And the Prince of darkness sits down on a cream-colored Sofa.

Just released his new paperback, angel. To celebrate, his publisher hired recently by the city hall in Cologne, Germany, for the John-Sinclair-Convention, panel discussions and book signings, and Thousands of visitors. Some were Rellergerds autograph tattoo that everyone is familiar with, knows his work. “Jason Dark” in cursive. Reller Gerd says: “I thought it would not Sow.”

publisher Bastei-Lübbe referred to him as the most-read novelist in the country. Total Circulation: 400 Million. Or 300 Million. Or 250 Million. Since there is different information. Reller Gerd dont know. His show storytellers voice says: “Yes.”

but they are not unimportant. More than 2,000 Roman folders, over 300 pocket books. If Reller Gerd seats with his wife here on the Sofa, out of the garden look as he wondered sometimes whether he had really written anything. He had of course never calculated how many pages were, but to the 400,000 it was intended. John Sinclair – the yellow text on a black background, luminous as that of his paper enjoyed: There are the hard Western lad Lassiter. There is the private detective, Jerry Cotton, and the world-space adventurer Perry Rhodan. And there are stories of the beautiful doctor, and the lovely love sick nurse. Where many authors write always, only Reller Gerd wrote decades alone.

If the killer dolls, the holiday hotel is a storm

dime novels. Well, just is, he says. This would not be so stupid. He has thrillers a pretty accurate description for what he produces since 40 years. It was, however, finally, regardless of whether a mafia boss herumtappt on the roof or a vampire. The Best Of Both World.

Helmut Reller Gerd comes from Dortmund. And with thrillers it all started. He was 20, radar flight detector of the air force. His first manuscript was called A Satan to leave Chicago shivering, and he sent to the Bastei-Verlag. He refused, but said that he had Talent. The next crime – Karate, Killer, colt hyenas – was printed, the publisher changed the title. A little later Bastion hired him as an editor, after three days, the publisher came into the office for a: All made scary stories, you need too. Rellergerds first attempt, kept his head a bloody mess. The undead from the grave! Something like wool, but the only one reading it.

The people, it read. It was in 1978, when his boss asked if he can do a series alone. Yes, he can.

64 pages in the week are 256 pages in a month are 3.072 pages in a year. Sinclair, son of light with the balanced mind. He reminds a bit of James Bond and a little of the contact the police, you can call at any time. Sinclair love, grief, Sinclair has a hangover. The chief inspector is always on the spot, when a property, plant and unprovoked murder of the death of the Prince, of all things, in a living room grandfather clock lost, or killer dolls storm the holiday hotel. If the urban amusement Park has, unfortunately, been over a gateway to damnation erected and henceforth hooded skeletons sitting in the roller coaster.

How it come to all this, you can ask Reller Gerd of course. He says: “Oh, that reminds me.” It was just his job. Official of the imagination. After the Zombie dwarf is in front of the Demons.