Reality star Kim Kardashian is believed to have told her rapper husband Kanye West that she wants a divorce – and custody of their two children. Ms Kardashian is said to have been a source of support to Kanye since he suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalised for 10 days.

However Kim, 36, is understood to have been unhappy in her marriage for a while. In fact, rows within their marriage are believed to have been part of the reason Kanye was feeling under pressure.

She is now reported to have indicated that she wants a divorce when the timing is right. She is also said to have said that she has concerns about Kanye being around their children North and Saint, and she is expected to engage lawyers so she can build up a case to apply for full custody.

Kanye is understood to be living in a rental property rather than in the couple’s mansion in Bel-Air while he undergoes continuing mental health care as an outpatient. However a source close to the couple has denied this is the case.

Poor timing

According to reports, Kim knows she does not want to stay in the marriage, but she realises that the timing is not right, given Kanye’s mental health issues. The source said that she still cares for Kanye and is pleased he is getting help, but she feels trapped in a relationship she does not want to remain in.

However, Kim has indicated that she will not make any final decision until Kanye has recovered. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is understood to have asked for a break before she flew to New York to take part in her first public appearance since she was robbed in Paris. That demand was quickly followed by Kanye ranting on stage before being admitted to hospital.


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