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There is a new villain in the White house. And it is great. President Underwood is dead, and its at least as unscrupulous widow, played by Robin Wright, has taken his place. The actor Kevin Spacey, who played five years in the ever scheming President of the United States of America in the series House of Cards, was accused last year in the Wake of #MeToo to have young men be sexually harassed. Since then, his career is dead, and the 59-Year-old from Hollywood banished. The first episodes of the sixth season to wrote Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson after a Spacey out of this litter. Now, Francis “Frank” Underwood is situated on a small cemetery dishonorable Meadow buried next to his father, whom he hated.

In cinematic terms, it was the Best thing that could have House of Cards to happen. For the first Time in years, just a day before the US mid-term elections, for which so many women run for political Offices as never before, say, the Netflix series something New and interesting. In the most recent season of the political soap Opera, a woman ruled the United States. “The rule of the white man of middle age is over,” announces Claire called with her maiden name Hale. But to govern, instead of differently, it is just as manipulative, ruthless, and completely nihilistic as the man who came in front of her.

retirement is The time for Kevin Spacey, you can put it is hardly any different, for the series pretty cheap. Hollywood has long been criticized before #MeToo because of the discrimination of women in show business. The screenwriters credited also as the Rest of the world in the U.S. presidential election of 2016 victory for Hillary Clinton and made Claire as a precautionary measure to Vice-President. The fifth season ended with the self-orchestrated resignation of Frank (he needed Claire as President, to pardon him). His wife occupied the highest office in the state, while he wanted to devote himself to the true center of power of the USA – the private sector. Unfortunately, Claire had their own ambitions. So you ignored his nightly phone calls, turned their cold-blooded gaze of the camera and said: “Now I’m here.”

you Miss Francis?

The new episodes begin, Claire Underwood has her first 100 days as President, and they complained in front of a group of assembled soldiers, how difficult everything was. “I lost my husband,” she says, and plays the role of the grieving widow. Then she looks into the camera and says: “Are you still there? Miss You Francis?” Not really.

Actually, Claire could call the last season of House of Cards, bounced around in it the spirit of Frank. It allows us to initially believe that he had died in his sleep, but of course that is invented. “A man like Francis don’t die easy,” says Claire, “that would be too convenient.” Your decision, the elephant in the room directly address, is important because the viewer will have to soon find that the heritage of the man is not buried so easily to his body.

was just the beginning of Claire, a strange pounding in Frank’s old room. It is the dead, hubby came to the widow’s haunt? In fact, it is a small bird that got lost between the walls. She carries him to the outside and speaks into the camera: “It’s not true what he said at the time.” She says Frank’s lines from the very first scene of the series, in which he lohne about the difference between pain that it is unbearable and senseless pain philosophizes, before he strangled a approached the dog. “Pain is pain,” says Claire, the bird tightly in her fist. For a moment it looks as if they would crush the poor thing. Instead, she says: “Francis, I’m done with you,” and leaves the intruder.

The Showrunner Beau Willimon created the House of Cards was the first specifically of the Netflix-produced series, which received the 2013 major Emmy nominations, and the first to put a complete season on a beat – the birth of the Binge-Watching, if you will. But the series, which helped the US streaming service is a breakthrough, and gradually began to border on a parody. Spacey Underwood was almost a caricature of evil. Episode by episode, you saw the same scenario: Frank would sharpen a terrible murderous Plan, it error-free run, and more. The dramatic shifts in the real American policy is have done the series any favors. If you want to watch a series about a manipulative liar in the White house, if America is in this nightmare?