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opening discount read! Ten Percent! Twenty Per Cent! Twenty-five percent in the drugstore market!

At the front door I see a craftsman two projecting from the wall disconnect the cables. Slip distribution of the interior at the urging me your analog advertising.

I wander into the caramel-orange interior of the new East Side Mall in Berlin and discover, Surprise, there is a Saturn! Only for those who do not know what that is: It is a electronics market. This is a business that provides devices, such as flat-screen televisions or washing machines, so what you buy is actually online and can provide, on site. I enter the brand new and already outdated-looking sales area – would like to but today, in spite of opening of the offer, dear no fridge to buy.

I am amazed about the top quality and in Berlin, never seen shops open here today stores: Aldi, McPaper, North sea, Deichmann, and Rewe. Madness! A health food store chain, the supply is secured, no lack of economy in the East.

David Wagner

born in 1971 in Andernach, was honored for his novels and short stories several times, including the prize of the Leipzig book fair 2013. Just be Bucharest travel diary “Romania” appeared in criminal Verlag. He lives in Berlin.

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wheels of Fortune are in front of some shops, the customer of happiness are in a queue. The saddest wheel of fortune turns in front of the mobile shop in the basement. That is, it rotates once, it is only an Animation on a standing upright Monitor, and not even to see. To win, the snake is now twenty feet long, discounted renewals and red lollipops.

Yes, capitalism has nothing to give. In addition to the apathetic in a row, which is a turn-on Waiting, a young woman in sports clothing, you hampelt, she dances, she’s kicking and spinning and swirling around a shield. It is advertising that “makes xuperdrauf” stands on the sign for the in-house gym.

“Mall” means silly or crazy

It was not so easy in the new, the 69. Mall of Berlin into find. The striking, colorful, dark red-orange-white-grey-striped building is visible at the Warschauer Brücke in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – only, there are from there, even no access. Young man with arrow-shaped signs – one is already at the output of the S-Bahn station Warschauer Straße – dance the way through a M. C. Escher-like maze of concrete stairs under the roadway of the Warsaw bridge.

The police shortly after ten already there, a number of officials sit on the railing of the Warsaw bridge. So great that you need to intervene, is not the crush on the opening day. It takes, until I understand that you are guarding just this railing, you lean. It’s blocking the access to a new, wide pedestrian bridge that would lead directly into the shopping centre. The railing should be small Berlin Bauposse, but not released, because otherwise the protection of the Warsaw bridge would be lost. The investors have failed to easy to take care of it.

the age of the “Center” (Europe-Center Gesundbrunnen-Center) and the “arcades” or “arcades” (schönhauser Allee and Potsdamer Platz) may be called a Mall in Berlin is now simply “the Mall.” So as a few years ago, by court proceedings to be withheld wages of construction Workers which has become so famous Mall of Berlin and the East Side Mall, which will have the other part of their Name from the nearby East Side Gallery borrowed.

“Mall”, told to me by a friend, to Platt Deutsch “silly” or “crazy”. Now can make each of his rhyme on the name.

“as usual, the food court”, I hear you say a well-fed blouson carrier.

“Och, nich allet finished,” says his companion. And she’s right: As almost everywhere in the house are also here – the soft opening? – craftsmen at work. In the case of Zaddy’s (what is there to be cooked?) wires hanging from the ceiling, with Vincent Vegan and Golden Schnitzel breeding tent. It smells of grease – if the ventilation is working adequately?

The low room divider, separating the area with the tables in a dark wood look of the queue area, look as if they were made of concrete – but the fact is, its surface is composed of foil-coated sheets. And of course they are hollow. I like the fact that now, as in the time of false marble, today is a false point of view, concrete is painted.