A golden retriever heard her owner’s cries for help from afar and sat by him for almost a full day before help arrived. He had slipped and fallen into the snow for almost a full day before help arrived.


The dog’s owner, Bob, had walked out of his home on New Year’s Eve, he accidentally slipped and fell in the snow, injuring his neck. He was going out to get another log for his fire.

Bob said that he kept calling for help, even though his neighbours lived far away and it was late at night. His golden retriever, Kelsey, heard his call and ran to him. She stayed by his side in temperatures as low as -24 degrees and kept him warm by lying on top of him.

“Kelsey was licking him and barking at him and pawing at him. I can see marks on his arm from her pawing at him,” Bob’s daughter Jenny said. She also said that he stayed by his side for 20 hours.

“The last thing he remembers saying is telling Kelsey that he was so sorry, that he tried as hard as he could to stay alive. He wasn’t sure by the end. He remembers losing consciousness and kind of putting his head to the side and saying, ‘I gave it all I could give it’ and that was it,” Jenny said.

Doctors Remarks

“I don’t think he would be living unless the dog were there. The dog kept him warm. The dog kept his extremities warm. He didn’t have any frostbite, and it was 24 degrees that night,” Dr. Colen said. He and his dog were then reunited after his surgery.

“He was right out of surgery and she licked his face, and they were crying and it was beautiful. It was everything that you would think the reunion would be,” Jenny said.

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