A vegetarian cafe owner refuses to accept the new 5 pound note due to it animal fat content.  The new note contains tallow which is a type of animal fat.

The owner of Rainbow Cafe in Cambridge, Sharon Meijland has put signs up warning her customers about the policy of the new 5 pound note. She said to the BBC “Tallow’s an animal product isn’t it? Our whole business is based around not having anything like that on the premises”.


There has been lots of controversy surrounding the owner’s decision as some of her customers are welcoming to the idea while others have spurred negative comments due to her decision.

On the cafe’s Facebook page, one user commented: “Plastic bags, car and bike tyres, even the glue that is used in wooden musical instruments and furniture can and usually have animal by products in them.

“You are the attention seekers who tarnish all vegans with the same pecker brush.”

Other users responded in the same angry manner, stating: “You actually are pathetic, do you use gas and petrol? because if so I suggest you stop since they use animal by products.”

Responses from Vegans and Religious Groups

Many vegetarians and religious groups such as Hindus residing in England have responded with uproar. In the Hindu religion, cows are specifically sacred whereby to the extent that they do not wear leather made products and avoid beef in their meals.

Despite the outrage, the cafe will stick to its new policy and continue refusing the five pound note. She said that if customers insist on forcing the issue of legality, she will instead take the money and make a donation to animal-related charities.

“If we get someone who is truly determined to take up the legal tender issue, we have an envelope ready for then to drop the five pound note in, and it will go direct to Wood Green Animal Shelter,” she stated.

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