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The stage is too small for this guy. On high-heeled boots, he gockelt on the Pub boards, swirls, the micro, to the half of the rack hangs in his fellow musicians, throws the head in the nape of the neck, the Gestures expansive, the eyelids are made up, the voice of the bright madness. The first appearance of the Band Queen (then Smile) with an unknown Freddie Mercury – so Director Bryan Singer tells it in Bohemian Rhapsody on the 1991 late singer – offered a lot to the average British audience a cautious indication of what should be from this Quartet: the opulenteste, pathetischste and the most sophisticated rock band of the country and the time.

Appropriate bombast would collect leaves blockbusters-expert Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) and his long-awaited Film about to begin: on the day of the Live Aid concert with Bob Geldof in 1985 for donations for the victims of the hunger catastrophe in Africa. The biggest Pop Acts of the early MTV Era, played in July of the year is a time delay of, in London and Philadelphia huge stadium concerts, watched by over 1.5 billion viewers worldwide.

All for a good cause – and the personal glory. Also Queen completed at the last Minute since Woodstock, the largest Line-up of pop history. Because Mercury, played by Rami Malek, and his band mates had only found brief previously.

“You’re gay, Freddie!”

After the impressive opening of the Singer leafing through a conventional Biopic-dramaturgy relevant stations from mercury to life. About the Indian, parsisch-believers immigrant family with a dominant father, who eyed the glittering peacock in their series of suspicious, or the energetic together with May (Gwilym Lee), Taylor (Ben Hardy) and John Deacon (Joseph Mazzello). But also, the obsessive love he to his wife, Mary (Lucy Boynton), the mercury’s homosexuality sooner than he and his late confession, “I’m bisexual”, he replies: “You’re gay, Freddie!” Mercury’s hesitant attitude in terms of his sexual orientation (and subsequent HIV infection) that runs through the Film. Again and again they seem to mirror the way in the creation of great Hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody, the Singer detailed. The gender fluid orientation of the Band is beyond both musty macho rock borders, as well as a Bowie or Bolan already established artists androgyny.

Queen the film in its two-hour Rock epic by the looks, were just extraordinary in every sense: her exuberant wealth of ideas manifested itself in perfectionism and the complexity of the game – and singing technique. But the Band came to pass, similar to The Jackson Five or The Jimi Hendrix Experience, early in the dependence of your increasingly irrational frontman, takes refuge in a hedonistic, gay party Paradise – and the toadies, want to only be in his glory to bask, and, finally, even in his bed.