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Sometimes it is quite funny, and to throw enlightening, a look into the books you have read in the eighties, because of: good old time. In the past everything was better. At the least, different. But was it really?

in time for the start of the new football season, I’m looking for an old crime, the has football theme, sports, people say commonly rapid change. Surprisingly, football is rarely the topic of fiction books, the Kickerei is really something: 22 people, a Ball, a referee. A stadium (more or less) full with spectators. A coach, a Manager, a President. A lot of people with many interests so, no need to always cover. This results in a lot of hopes with many disappointments, and so a good murder mystery substance.

Manfred Rebhandl

Born in 1966, lives as freelance author in Vienna. He writes texts and articles for numerous Austrian Newspapers and magazines, as well as thrillers. Last Hot love is appeared of him, “cold of death”, the second part of his series is the Viennese investigator Kitty Muhr (Haymon Verlag, 2017).

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The great Julian Barnes created in 1980 under the Pseudonym Dan Kavanagh detective Duffy, a bisexual former COP who is now in the security compartment and the fear haunts to have themselves infected with HIV. As I said: It was the eighties, and the criminal from 1985 Chocking means. In English: Putting the Boot in.

In his spare time, this Duffy is a goalkeeper for a Sunday outfit known as the Reliable (“Reliable”) in London, not a good, but a thoughtful: “It is, goalkeepers tend to be thoughtful types,” in the book, and continues: “As a goalkeeper you’re exposed to it. Ten people can win a game, but a fool can screw it up.” This is exactly what happens, as him “the ginger” the pill into the goal skin. As Duffy complains: “That’s it then probably with a clean box.”

we Have heard it all before? Sure, every sports show, in every match report. Because the book is full of “wisdom” and “common places,” about football, have not changed in the more than 30 years, Duffy has, in the meantime, on the hump. The own “clean box” is the ever-great desire of every Coach and all the players, and that “a goalkeeper” alone can screw up a game that every child knows today.

someone Assumes by the way that “move” is the new buzzword of football would be one that would have introduced the so-called Laptop coach? Wrong, used to have a different vowel: “Then, if you put your people and only on Barney, watch, try, we, you, fix, for the counter-advance,” the Trainer Jimmy Lister the solution.

And we hear today is not reliable out of the mouth of every Coach is that “the playing field is tight”? Please, 33 years ago, the las in this way: “When you play in the first ten minutes of tight play, we also closely.” Or: “Tight play, hard play, and the important people to the front of the throw, if you get a corner kick. Back to the simple truths!”

Comes before us is also known? At the last world Cup, there was a perceived Renaissance of the standard situation. And when nothing else is running, then even the greatest tactics foxes also want to back to the “simple truths”.

Ah, Yes, another buzzword, “System”: Mehmet Scholl, complained recently that every young kicker who comes from a youth Academy, “you can run 18 systems backwards”, but no Ball to the opponent to play around. He would read the Block, then he would have understood that “systems” are not that easy to learn: “You know how hard it is when you come into a new team, which plays according to a different System.”

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