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Mario Götze may be the only 26-Year-old in the world who can admire yourself in the Museum to read. In the German football Museum in Dortmund, Germany to be world Cup-Finaltor 2014 is projected in a darkened room on a large ball and several monitors that hang in a semi-circle around this ball. In a continuous loop and you can watch a half-dozen Mario götze’s at the same time as they make Germany the world champion, which gives it some almost religious.

one of the best scenes of the documentary film “Being Mario Götze,” the delivery date on DAZN, and on Thursday in the cinemas, is that Mario Götze in this room, next to him is his wife, Ann-Kathrin. Their faces reflect the TV-images from Rio, in front of you is the shirt worn by Gotze in the final, under glass. And you can imagine what that does to a person, it is Barely an adult and already an icon. 26 someone looks at his life’s work.

to shoot a Lot more than a decisive goal in a world Cup final, it is impossible for a footballer. But what if one is only 22 years old and his career is actually ahead of? What will then come? “I don’t envy Mario to the gate, because it has brought him a lot of Stress,” says his template encoder André Schürrle in the Film. “Early success is the worst thing that can happen to you,” says götze’s brother, Fabian. “A lot of people say: ‘It’s over. The creates be Level ever again.’ But what Level is that? The goal at the world Cup? This could be difficult,” says Mario Götze.

The Film by Aljoscha Pause, the already turned in two outstanding football documentaries – “Tom meets Zizou” and “coach” – showing how it is to be under permanent observation. As it is, if a single gate, and the Label of the century of talent to the Stigma. As it is, if the own Person is so inflated that you have to know yourself. As it is, if all the must not recognize less than a wonder of things to expect, but man, that miracles are not only miracles because they happen every day. The Film shows what it’s like to be Mario Götze.

136 minutes, you don’t know if you really want to be Mario Götze. The money, of course. Playing football is fun, but it’s also terribly annoying to be a legend. Constantly cameras around. Just time to go to the pub and drink a beer? Impossible. That’s why Götze moves during the movie a lot in his very large house. He gets out of his very large bed, shaved himself in his very large bathroom, in his very large kitchen, a Breakfast cereal, which he eats at his very large dining table. Most of the time he is alone.

In his Gym, there’s a painting of yourself

idol makes a lot of sports in this movie, in his house he has set up a fitness Studio and a Sauna. Soon, he tells a cold chamber to come to this. The Film takes place in the months before the 2018 world Cup, in which Götze back in the national team want to fight. He’s sweating and snorting, and on the wall of his private Gyms, a large image of the idol himself, the world-Cup kissing. The image seems to motivate him, although he also says: “I was definitely struggling with the fact that this Association is transferred from the gate is actually automatically in every game.”

Götze makes the impression, not of the Boy, and Instagram to wish Star. On the other hand, he can be with a visible joy for a men’s magazine scan. His armpit is kept shirt on the back of three brackets together so that it sticks out the front as closely as possible to the fresh-toned chest. It is these ambiguities that make the Film so interesting.

The Film looks but mainly on the players. He highlights the extraordinary talents of götze’s. From the home videos, which he kicks with his two brothers Fabian and Felix in the garden, by the way, have also become both professionals, about the wonder of the things, which a slender Young doing on the field, the be much to large shirt flapping like a sail in the Wind, to Jürgen Klopp, says: “I have now had really a couple of good guys, but Mario for ages, I have never seen before.”

The longer you watch the Film, the clearer the big miss is not through the understanding in the case of Mario Götze: He is simply so damn good, as many people think. Not every Talent is an exceptional skill. The sports journalist Oliver Müller referred to Götze in the Film as a “refiner of a good game”. Götze was and is a player who, when it comes to a team, once again something Special. He is the cherry on the cake. He is umbiegt none, the tears a game, or determined. He was also not at his best.

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